Off to Kenya at last!

Hey Friends,


Well, I’m off to Kenya after an absence of over 2 years and it fells great to be returning. As I write this I’m sitting at my gate at Logan waiting to board on Monday morning.

I’m only going for 8 days this time so instead of going through Amsterdam or London like we have in the past I’m going through Dubai. This will get me into Nairobi in the afternoon so I can transfer to Kisumu the same day, thus saving a night’s stay in the capitol city, which is just as well as the WTO is having a ministerial conference there this week so everything will be extra crowded and expensive.

This trip was kind of a last minute decision; one of our protege’s is graduating from Moi University, the 1st in his family to ever to earn a bachelor’s degree, so I’m going for his graduation ceremony. Also, the school year is now over, so I can visit with our 8 scholarship students and catch up with them. Two of them finished High School this year so now we are down to just 6. One of my goals while I’m there is to scout out possible areas for further aid from Rosie’s Rafikis.

Joni and I have been missing Mark and his family terribly, and we have just gotten past the most difficult time of year for us so it’s nice to have something exciting to look forward to and help keep us distracted.

When I was checking in on arrival at Logan the guy at the counter wanted to me to check my carry-on bag because it was a few pounds overweight; who ever heard of that, anyway? So, I just acted distracted and started mumbling about my meds, going through my bag to try and take some things out and put them in one of my checked bags…going very slowly as the line behind me started backing up…next thing you know, the guy tells mr never mind, it’s okay, move along…and he even forgot to ask me to pay the surcharge for my overweight checked bag!┬áThank you so much sir, you’re so kind, I really appreciate it, have a nice day, etc., etc.

Voila! The first hurdle successfully passed. -May all the coming ones be handled as smoothly…

More soon.


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