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Greetings All,

I’ve been here since Monday, it’s now Thursday evening and I’m finally getting a chance to sit down and try and catch up a bit.

Dubai was a breeze, I think I mentioned that I got just a look at the Burj Khalifa shimmering in the haze off in the distance from the airport jetway, probably the closest I’ll ever get to it in real life. I also had a chance to drool over some gold bars in the airport itself, and decided not to stop in at the store offering the very finest in camel’s milk chocolates; yum! A little stress in the airport in Nairobi as my plane arrived an hour and a half late but made my connecting flight ok. I didn’t really feel like I was back in Kenya though, until I deplaned in Kisumu and smelled right away that particular perfume of diesel fumes, burning trash and rotting seaweed that only this lakeside city has in those proportions. ┬áThe terminal has been improved, and I loved the crooked white plastic Christmas tree with flashing red lights installed in the middle of the luggage carousel.

Mark was waiting for me in the terminal and boy did he get the biggest hug ever! It was just super to finally lay eyes on him again. The dusty, dingy Imperial Hotel hasn’t changed too much, and it was nice to be back there as well.

Tuesday, no Wednesday morning first thing; it’s a bit confusing, I left Boston at 11am Monday, traveled for 22 hours and got here on Tuesday night, we connected with Steven tuk-tuk, our regular driver in town (he’s the one who found my stolen passport in the mud some years back) and headed down to the bank to try and straighten out a problem we’ve been having transferring funds between the 2 charity accounts there. I had to come in person to the bank to do it so it’s been a while One hour plus and three CS reps later I was assured the problem was fixed, and it would only take 10/12 days for the fix to take effect- well after I leave here. One does what one can; I’m not holding my breath but we’ll see.

After that we loaded seven of us into a 5 person car and headed off to Eldoret City to attend the graduation of Mark’s brother Fredrick from Moi University. He is the first one in his family to go to university. All of you who read this know that Joni and I are sponsoring a bunch of kids in High School here in Kenya through Rosie’s Rafikis, but using our personal funds we are also sponsoring Mark’s brothers and sisters in school too, and Fred is one of them. In fact, we are hoping that sister Elizabeth, who just graduated from High School, will be able to come to the US for college next year. She is smart as a whip, and a hard worker too. Fingers crossed!

So that brings me up to Wednesday, and that’s it for now. I’m really beat after a long day, and have to get up early tomorrow.

More soon and thanks for reading.


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