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Bus Shelters



Many people in Kenya travel by means of matatus which are 15 passenger vans. Typically, the matatus are overcrowded and quite scary to be on!  Matatu stops are located at various places along highways and rural roads. Matatu shelters are built to let people have a place to wait out of the sun or rain. The matatus also serve as cargo carriers and are often overloaded (and overcrowded) beyond belief! Typically two people work each matatu, a driver and a second person to load cargo and collect fares. This fare collector often hangs out the open doorway at great personal risk to fit as many paying passengers inside as possible, as the matatu speeds down the busy highways. Two shelters have been built near Nyabondo. The first is for matatu passengers and the second is for motorbike taxi (pika-pika) drivers and their passengers. The name of our organization, Rosie’s Rafikis, is painted along the roof line as well as website information. This allows for the name of Rosie’s Rafikis to be seen within the community.