Medical Center & Health


The Sigoti Medical Center is a local clinic used by many of the village people in Nyabondo and the surrounding area. Medical care is too expensive for most people – a doctor’s visit is about ten dollars – out of the reach of most. The Sigoti Medical Center provides health care for those who cannot afford it. In September, 2011, Michael Hartmann, fiance of Bobbie Block, Joni’s sister, passed away from a long illness. Michael loved Rosie very much and after his passing, his family asked that donations be made in his honor to the Health Center in Sigoti. Donations in his honor were sent to the SHC to be used to help people who do not have the means to get medical care. In October, 2011 our first shipment of supplies from the US to Kenya finally arrived in Nyabondo. It contained much needed medical equipment and supplies for the clinic.

Continued support by Rosie’s Rafikis will allow more people to have access to medical care. Future ideas include a community outreach health program and a system for accessing potable water. Malaria, water born diseases, parasitic infections and HIV/AIDS are prevelant. Lack of clean water, mosquito nets and health education and care are all needed to improve the health and well being of the community. Rosie’s Rafikis is committed to supporting this vital community resource.