2011 Scholarship recipients Caroline and Selene with Mark and Joni

In the spring of 2011, a number of Rosie’s friends in Foxboro got together to honor Rose and design some projects, including a scholarship program for students in Kenya. They call themselves Rosie’s Rafikis and they certainly are wonderful friends! Rosie and her father often volunteered at a shelter to make meals in Boston. The Rafikis wanted to do something similar so they cooked a meal to be delivered to homeless people and gathered supplies such as toiletries and clothing to distribute. This idea of providing community service honors Rose, supports our community, and is replicated in Kenya by providing community service projects there. The Foxboro Rafikis planned two school wide activities and a fundraising project. During the activities, they brought Rosie’s Greatest Wish to life for other students. Their goal was $1000 but they ended up raising nearly $4000 instead, enough money to provide three scholarships for one year’s tuition, books and uniforms to three young girls completing the eighth grade – the same grade the Foxboro Rafikis were in! Without the scholarships, the girls’ educations would have ended as they are to poor to afford the tuition on their own. The fundraiser also paid for the school supplies that were given in 2011. The names of the girls who received the scholarships in 2011 are: Carolyne, Selene, and Violet.

In 2012 we were able to offer scholarships for three additional students from Nyagweno; Henry, Juliet and Wycliff. We are very proud of the six youngsters whose education would have ceased at 8th grade if not for the efforts of all of you who have contributed to our efforts.

We pledge to ensure all the scholarship recipients will have the funds to finish their secondary education. Check out our blog for updates on their progress.

In 2014  we entered the third year of our scholarship project and are proud to say that we are now helping 8 students improve their lives through a High School education. Joining the six named above we welcome Viviane and Diana.