The new gate


The fence going up!

Rosies’s Rafikis charitable efforts in Kenya began at the Nyagweno Primary School in Nyabondo, Nyanza Province. Our director Mark Apiche and his family all went to primary school there and it was sorely in need of help when we first visited in July, 2008. NPS is a typical school in this region. There are approximately 350 students in grades Preschool-8. The school consists of 9 classrooms, an administrative office, and two latrines (squatty potty). Most of the classrooms have dirt floors and no windows or doors. Students sit at handmade wooden desks seating two or three, there is a cement blackboard in each room, and supplies are very limited. Each child is given one pencil and one pen which must last the entire 3 month term.Public school education is mostly free for all citizens up through grade 8. Early childhood classes are available at a cost for families for children ages 3 and 4. After that,  students may attend a secondary school based upon their exam grades and ability to pay.

Thus far, Rosie’s Rafikis has purchased 6 dozen chairs, supplies and equipment for the early childhood classrooms and had 40 desks and 8 teacher’s desks built. We provide sufficient funding for pens, pencils and erasers to give each student an extra one each term, and cleaned out a school supply store in Kisumu of educational posters and other educational aids to brighten up and improve the classrooms during our last visit in 2011 . In order for the teachers to have a hot meal while the children return home for lunch, we provided the school with a solar cooker to use on sunny days and a high efficiency wood stove as well. We also had gutters installed for one of the two water tanks to supply fresh water. A sturdy gated fence has been built around the property to help protect it and to keep livestock from sheltering in the classrooms when it rains! A row of thornbushes was planted alongside the fence and will eventually grow up, around and through the metal fence to help deter trespassers and livestock as the school continues to be improved over the coming years. In October, 2012 we funded construction of four new latrines at Nyagweno, two for boys and two for girls.

Professional Development for teachers and salaries for the three early childhood teachers also continue through Rosie’s Rafikis. Next steps include a program that will provide milk for the students, materials for classroom use, and a new building to house offices and a library space.  Our efforts to provide electricity to the school are on hold as we still are not able to get a quote from Kenya Light and Power as to the cost. The new building is planned to replace the oldest school building which is no longer in use for reasons of safety. The plan for building was provided by the Education Ministry and will represent the largest monetary investment by Rosie’s Rafikis to date. The budget for the building is approximately $45,000 to $60,000 which will include electricity, furnishings and books for the library. We hope to break ground on this very substantial and important project in this coming year. Unfortunately as of June, 2013 we have still not been able to fund this project as we have not been able to establish a bank account in Kenya for
Rosie’s Rafikis.

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