The Greatest Wish

Rose wrote “My Greatest Wish” as a 4th grade school assignment in the fall of 2006 several weeks before she was so tragically killed. It is replicated here exactly as Rose wrote it. Our hope is that “My Greatest Wish” will inspire you to help make Rose’s wish come true in whatever ways you and your family can.

“My Greatest Wish”

Everyone has a wish. So here’s mine. My wish is to make people relize that Jews are good people. This is my wish because I don’t like the thought of people just like me are getting killed for no good reason. I mean, why are Hazbalah and some Lebanize folk killing Jews and making war in the first place? Israel is not big, it’s only the size of Rhode Island! Why can’t the Jews have a tiny little area? How are the terorists improving the world by doing this? Their not improving the world at all by doing this. Their just making the world worse. They should think deeply about why, truely why they are hurting the Jews. We didn’t do anything to hurt them. How many people have they hurt in the last 5,000 years? Too many. We will not back down. I don’t think I can accomplish this task myself. It will involve alot of people. I think I will not regret this wish. I don’t know if I should do something about it when I’m an adult. For now, I’ll keep on wishing! In conclusion, this is my most important wish.

Rose Shatz